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    WOUXUN KG-869 personal walkie-talkie

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    WOUXUN KG-869 personal walkie-talkie

    Main Features
    Dual Channel Dual Display and Dual Standby
    199 Memory Channels
    CTCSS Scan and DCS Scan
    DTMF Encoding and Decoding
    Begin/End Transmitting Beep Prompt
    ANI (Caller ID)
    SOS Function
    1750Hz Burst Tone
    Inspection, Monitor, Stun, Kill and Emergency Alarm
    105 Groups DCS/ 50 Groups CTCSS
    Voice Guide
    Distant Alarm
    Call Ring
    VOX Transmission (Level Adjustable)
    Digital FM Radio with Frequency Display
    Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
    Reverse Frequency Function
    Multi Scan Mode (TO/CO/SE)
    All Calls, Group Calls and Selective Calls
    Multi Step Frequency: 2.5K(Optional )/5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K/50K/100K
    Multi Displaying Mode (Frequency/Channel/Channel name)
    Speedy Working Mode Shift (CH/FR)
    Channel Name Edit and Display
    Battery Capacity Prompt
    TOT (Time-out Timer)
    Busy Channel Lockout
    Wire-clone Function
    Programmable by Computer
    IP55 Waterproof
    Technical Specification

    Main Technical Specification


    Frequency Range(MHz)

    VHF:66-68MHz 136-174 MHz

    Modulation Type


         216-280 MHz

    UHF:400-470MHz 400-480 MHz

    Max: Frequency Deviation


         420-520MHz 450-520 MHz

    Channel Spacing

    Wide:25KHz/ Narrow:12.5 KHz

    Adjacent Channel Selectivity

    ≥65 dB

    Output Power

    VHF:5W/1W  UHF:4W/1W

    Frequency Stability


    Memory Channels


    Sensitivity(12dB SINAD)




    Audio Power Output


    Working Temperature


    Spurious Radiation




    Antenna Impedance


    Weight(including battery pack)


    Audio Distortion


    Size (Without Antenna)




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