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    BFDX BF-990 auto Walkie-takie

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    BFDX BF-990 auto Walkie-takie

    The frequency range of VHF:136-174MHz
    The number of channel 128 channel
    Channel spacing 25KHz (broadband) 12.5KHz (narrow band)
    PLL channel step 5, 6.25KHz KHz
    The power supply voltage of 13.8V DC, negative ground
    Current consumption to launch <8A, receiving <1A, watch <0.4A
    Working temperature: -30 ℃ - +60 ℃
    Frequency stability of ± 2.5 ppm
    Antenna impedance of 50 ohms
    Dimension 145 (L) x 135 (W) x 40 (H) mm
    Weight 1.16kg
    The receiving part
    Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) ≤ 0.25 μ V (broadband) ≤ 0.28 μ V (narrow band)
    Adjacent channel selectivity ≥ 75dB (broadband) ≥ 70dB (narrow band)
    The intermodulation resistance is greater than or equal to 75dB
    Spurious response of ≥ 75 dB
    Blocking ≥ 95 dB
    Audio output power (8) 2W (built-in) 4W (external)
    Audio response +1/-3dB
    Audio distortion degree ≤ 3 percent
    The emission part
    The RF output power 25W
    Clutter and harmonic -36dBm<1GHz -30dBm>1GHz
    The FM noise of 45dB (broadband) /40dB (narrow band)
    Modulation mode 16K0F3E (broadband) / 8K5F3E (narrow band)
    Maximum frequency deviation ≤ ± 5KHz (broadband) / ± 2.5KHz (narrow band)
    Microphone impedance of 600 ohms
    Audio response +1/-3dB
    Audio distortion is less than or equal to 3%

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